John Schulisch
Instagram: john.schulisch

John is a Malmö, Sweden based Graphic Designer aiming to create intriguing yet playful work, at times by deliberately breaking conventions. Regardless, ensuring design is idea-driven and cohesive with the brand. He happily take on challenges across disciplines, and would love to collaborate on projects within the fields of Music, Culture, Architecture, Design, Food & Drinks, Hospitality, Tech, Outdoor and Apparel brands with a sustainability focus.

Seeking collaboration with inspiring and purposeful brands and organisations, to create fun, appealing visual concepts and graphic design. John have valuable experience working in-house for larger organisations, renowned creative agencies and a startup.

– Freelance Graphic / Brand Designer

Previous work:
– SuperHi (Senior Brand Designer)
– Garbergs (Graphic Designer)
– BBDO Nordics (Graphic Designer)
– IKEA Communications (Graphic Designer)
– (Graphic Designer Internship)